Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Teeth Whitening As a Mini Makeover - Get a Sexy Smile Fast

Of all the little tricks and tips there are to giving yourself a mini-makeover, one of the most effective by far is whitening your teeth. White teeth provide a great contrast for the rest of your face. Lipstick shows up more clearly, and your eyes will appear brighter and more luminescent - especially when the whites of your eyes are close to the same shade as your teeth. Even the color of your hair will pop just a tad bit more when you've brightened your teeth. So, how can you get that dazzling white smile?

There are a couple of ways to consider. The first is visiting the dentist. There are dentists who specialize in cosmetic procedures, like whitening, and can perform the service in under an hour, with results that last far longer than at-home kits do. The only downside is that a dentist is usually far more expensive, and unless you've got an incredible insurance plan that will cover the procedure, you're probably better off scoping the diy (do-it-yourself) kits.

While at-home kits can take a wee bit longer (not that much though), you can achieve that same sexy, white smile at a fraction of the cost. Look for kits that primarily use trays in order to whiten. Trays are usually more effective at covering all of your teeth evenly. Good at-home kits can be found both in grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as online. Ask your friends and co-workers for their suggestions, or do a quick internet search.

Lastly, once you've achieved that beautiful shade of white, don't hide your gorgeous smile! Open up and let it shine for the world to see.

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