Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Dental Insurance for Families

The cost of treatment for dental problems has increased. The need to take a dental insurance has now become important, as a dental insurance covers all sorts of dental problems. This insurance includes problems that are caused due to cavities, or damage to teeth due to an accident or a fall. People prefer dental insurance, as it is very flexible and can be adjusted according to the need and requirement of the situation.

Insurance companies generally cover the costs or two dental routines in a year. Minimal treatments like cleaning of the teeth, or even a filling are also covered under the dental insurance plans. This reduces the risk of people getting major treatments like a root canal, or a crown filling, as a result of regular check-ups. For families with children who have cavities, dental insurance is a must and is economical, considering the rise in the consulting fees of dentists. There are many expenses that the head of the family has to take care of, hence insurance for life, health, and dental care are a must for all.

Many of the companies provide free dental insurance, for their employees as well as their families. There are also other companies that offer dental insurance only to individuals. For an individual the process is simple, as a form needs to be filled and the treatment procedure takes place. But in the case of family dental insurance, it is a lengthy procedure as the claims take a lot of time to clear. The claim money is either given at one time, or not given for months at a stretch.

As the years pass by, the limits on dental insurance keeps rising higher. This is because if the price of care goes beyond a limit, the dental insurance companies do not cover the treatment-related expenses. Families generally take group dental insurance policies, as they are cheaper and more beneficial. Hence compared to the individual annual premium, family dental insurance premiums are lower.

Dental insurance plans for families are a very economical way to save up for other expenses. There are many dental insurance companies that offer insurance at low premiums, so families can choose the one that suits their needs.

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Saturday, 25 October 2008

How Dental Plans Differ From Dental Insurance

Discount dental plans are ideal for people without insurance who want the security of a plan at significant savings. The network of dentists in the discount dental plans have negotiated discounted rates for their services; upon receipt of these services, the dental plan member will simply pay the provider that discounted rate and not a penny more!

This is how discount dental plans differ from dental insurance
there are no annual limits, members receive discounts on most dental services all year long.
Most plans activate within 1 - 3 business days there is no paperwork, plan membership card is presented for discounts on most dental services also there is no health restrictions.
Select plans offer discounts on dental specialties, including cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics
Consumers pay affordable membership fees for access to a network of providers offering discounts on most dental procedures directly to individuals, families, businesses and groups
In short, discount dental plans are an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to dental insurance, and offer plan members significant savings on most dental procedures.
The dental network provides participants with discounts of 15% to 50% on dental procedures at over 66,000 available dental practice locations nationwide. Participants simply present their ID card for immediate savings at the time services are rendered.

Now, with Dental Insurance You get it through the company you work for. There are a lot of different dental Insurances you have some HMO dental insurances, PPO dental insurances, and dental insurances that have fee for service. You may have a waiting period for some dental procedures. Plans typically cover a maximum of $1,000-$1,500 of dental services per year depends on the company you work for what plans they offer. This is more than enough for people who only need a couple of cleanings and maybe a filling or two. Also you have deductibles and sometime some pre-existing conditions are not covered. For an example say you had a missing tooth from several years ago and now you decide to fix it you want a bridge to replace the missing tooth your insurance will not cover it because it was already missing. Insurance's have some limitations on their plans.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Low Cost Dental Health Insurance

Dental plans are not included in basic health insurance plans as most of the dental treatments are elective and to a degree, cosmetic. Some medical plans take account of dental coverage as an added feature. Dental disease is often preventable; with the exclusion of injury or damage due to an accident. Only the initial diagnostic procedures such as exams and x-rays in dental treatment are relatively low-cost. Otherwise the treatments are considered to be expensive.

Low cost dental insurance is necessary for anyone who cares about their teeth and also doesn?t like paying the full price for dental work. You will have peace of mind with a low cost dental health insurance as you can be safe in the knowledge that you and your family are covered for any eventuality and will obtain the best dental care, whenever you need it for a relatively small monthly or annual payment. Low cost dental health insurance is available from top rated companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield, PacifiCare, MetLife Dental, HealthNet and Kaiser. You should identify how your plan is designed, since this can considerably affect the plan's coverage and your out-of-pocket expenses.

A low cost dental health insurance has many different levels of cover. You can opt for basic dental health maintenance which will cover a portion or in certain cases the whole cost incurred of dental procedures such as fillings, root canal work and general maintenance. Other affordable extensive policies that cover periodontics, orthodontics, all sorts of filling, tooth and bridge work, as well as check-ups and cleaning are also available. Each low cost dental plan is different. Accordingly it is advisable to check the terms, conditions and coverage of each prospective insurer before taking a decision. With several options available, you can choose a low cost dental health insurance that is right for you and your family.

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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Digital Dental X-Rays - Benefits in Dentistry

Digital x-rays are becoming the standard of care in dentistry. There are many fine systems in use today by a variety of manufacturers. Digital dental radiography was introduced in Germany in 1995 by the Dexis Corporation and into the United States in 1997. All digital radiology systems consists of:

  • A digital sensor instead of film
  • An image capture card (PCMCIA) or processing device.
  • Dental software for image display
  • Enhancement software
  • Digital image storage capability

When compared to dental film x-rays, digital radiology is equivalent (and in some instances better) than conventional dental film. Because some of the software is able to digitally enhance the image we believe is even better than traditional dental x-ray film. Digital radiology most significant advantage is seen in endodontic (root canals) where the dental file and the apex of the tooth need to be visualized in great detail.

Digital x-rays reduces radiation exposure to the patient and dental staff

Digital dental radiography can produce a high quality dental image with 60%-80% less exposure than traditional film dental x-rays. While traditional film x-rays have a very low exposure level ... this takes radiation exposure to a new level (very low).

Digital x-rays are friendly to the environment

Traditional dental x-rays use chemicals to develop and fix the image on to the film. These chemicals are not friendly to the environment. In addition, traditional film x-rays use silver halide to develop the image and a silver mixture in not released into the environment. Everyone benefits from this new technology.

Digital x-ray has been around dentistry for some ten years or so. The use of this imaging system benefits all dental patients.

Dr. James DeLapp and Dr. H Candace DeLapp are dentist in the Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree and Parker area that is part of the greater Denver area. Both doctors teach part-time and the University of Colorado School of Dentistry and maintain a private practice in dentistry with special interests in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. More information about both doctors can be seen at and a new web site undergoing frequent improvements at

Dr's DeLapp second web site allow more editable content and describes dental procedures in more detail. Please feel free to visit both.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Dental Care for a Reliable Smile

Dentistry is the branch of science dealing with the dental care, diagnosis, impediment and management of dental infections including those of gum and associated structures of mouth including repairing of the flawed teeth. Dental care is an integral part of the overall health care as tooth has vital function in numerous bodily functions. Dental care is the main key to hygienic and healthy living.

It is well known fact that face is the index of mind and shiny teeth play a significant role brightening one's facial appearance. An eternal smile is the perfect impression one may possess and an attractive smile is enhances by the healthy and glossy teeth. One can win the hearts of the intermingling people very easily with a glossy smile. Teeth do have a natural color and enamel is the outer protective layer of it.

Dental care engrosses taking excellent care of the teeth, gums along with the associated composition of mouth. Anticipation and management of ailments of the gum, teeth, the subrogation or mending of flawed teeth are normally included under dental care. The traditional mode of dental care rather free dental care is brushing of the teeth daily and this practice must be given the top priority in dental health care.

A smile revives the face healthier and lively than any sorts of make-up can effect will make everyone look and stare and pearly white and clean with fresh smelling breath will absolutely be a life altering factor. The world health organization in collaboration with Indian dental association various free dental care camps are being organized. Dental care mission is the mission of total good and healthy living for all with healthy tooth.

Several people are suffering from dental illness due to absolute idleness and short of knowledge for proper dental attention. They are unsuccessful to comprehend that vigorous teeth, gum and related mouth structures are extremely important a sound health and overall well being. Proper dental fitness is not merely important for our healthy physical appearance but it is indispensable to the safety and welfare of the complete body.
Dental care may also be interpreted as tooth whitening system which is the most safe and gentle way of purging discolorations and blemishes on the teeth or enhancing and maintaining the natural color. Dental care efforts can be done once the person attains his teeth and remain for the whole life but this should be critically given importance to the permanent set of teeth.

Maintaining excellent dental care may found to be costly and thus we can go for the better dental insurance that encloses the costs for the dental treatment whether it is a regular dental health check or an urgent situation. Acquiring dental insurance from a sound dental insurance companies alleviate the worries and hassles of otherwise expensive rate oral or dental care.

Brushing teeth twice is a necessary dental care for preventing tooth decomposition and gum ailments. The size and form of toothbrush and appropriate toothpaste containing fluoride is the best tip for dental care. Fluoride assist in protection from teeth decay and is a fundamental dental care fir those who clean the teeth using interdental cleaners or floss which eliminate plaque from the amid areas where the toothbrush can't accomplish thus preventing the gum disease.
Proper and in time diagnosis of the dental problems are the key factors for dental care. At the same time prevention of the tooth decay is very essential as it is well known fact that prevention is far better than cure. Good dental hygiene must be a habit for all to keep charming and enthralling smile on face and excellent dental health incorporated to the total good health and well being.

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Monday, 13 October 2008

Dental Health For Your Children

Contrary to popular notion, gingivitis, which is the first stage of periodontal disease affects children and adolescents as much as it does adults. However, children are less prone to have the advanced form of periodontal disease.

Different Types of periodontal diseases in children

Chronic gingivitis: Commonly seen in children, chronic gingivitis causes the gum tissue to turn red and inflamed and to bleed easily. While it can be prevented and treated by regularly brushing, flossing and regular professional dental care, if left untreated it can advance rapidly and result in a form of periodontal disease that is more severe.

Aggressive periodontitis: Affecting otherwise healthy teenagers and young adults localized aggressive periodontitis affects the first molars and incisors. It is typified by severe loss of alveolar bone. There is surprisingly little plaque formation on the teeth.

Generalized aggressive periodontitis: Starting around puberty, generalized aggressive periodontitis involves the entire mouth and is marked by heavy calculus and plaque accumulation and inflammation of the gums. In due course it results in the teeth becoming loose.

Periodontitis associated with systemic disease: Children who have Down Syndrome, Pailoon-Lefevre syndrome or Type I diabetes are more susceptible to periodontal diseases.

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease in children is usually accompanied by one of all of the following symptons:

• Bleeding gums during flossing, brushing or even at other times
• Bright red gums that are also swollen
• Roots of teeth are exposed because of gums that are extremely receded
• Persistent bad breath that does not improve even after brushing and flossing

How to Prevent Periodontitis in Children

Establishing good oral health habits and early diagnosis are essential for successful prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases. Promote good oral habits in your child as early as possible. You can start using toothpaste when your child is as young as 12 months. Schedule regular appointments with your dentist for checkups, teeth cleaning and periodontal evaluations. Check your child’s mouth regularly and look for the presence of any symptoms of periodontal disease including bright red and swollen gums, bleeding gums, bad breath and gums that are receding from the teeth.

Work with your child towards improving his poor oral health habits. Being a role model and practicing what you preach will encourage to look after his dental hygiene more than any other strategy you may use.

A word of precaution; an advanced form of periodontal disease may be an early sign of a prevailing systemic disease and would require immediate medical attention. If your child exhibits any of the symptoms of severe and persistent periodontitis that is resistant to therapy, a medical evaluation and medical treatment is a must.

Cavities & your child

Children who eat a lot of sugary foods including cookies, candy or raisins or drink a lot of sweet drinks including sodas or sweetened drinks are at a higher risk of getting cavities. It is important to get children into the habit of gargling after every meal, brushing their teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once daily.

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Importance of Dental Care To Overall Body Health

Dental care involves taking good care of your teeth, gums and the related structures of the mouth. Dental care includes prevention and treatment of diseases of the gum and teeth, and also the replacement or repair of defective teeth. In many cases people may suffer from dental diseases due to sheer laziness and lack of knowledge towards proper dental care, with mostly the children and at times adults who often do not pay enough attention to teeth care. They fail to realize that healthy teeth and gum is extremely important to keeping you healthy and sound. Proper dental health is not only important to our healthy physical looks; it is essential to the well being of the entire body.

Maintaining good dental health can at times prove to be expensive. Therefore it is important that you go for a good dental insurance that covers the costs of your dental treatment be it a routine check up or an emergency. Purchasing dental insurance from a good dental insurance company relieves you of the hassles and worries of the otherwise expensive cost of keeping your oral cavity healthy. With dental insurance you can choose a specific dental plan that is right for you. However, before choosing a dental plan from any dental insurance company you must pay attention to the following points:

* You should ask the dental insurance company for its actual office address and not just its P.O. Box address. This step should give you peace of mind in knowing that you are purchasing dental insurance from a real dental insurance company. Ask for its office phone number so that you can contact the office any time to learn more about its dental plans.

* Ask the dental insurance company if it covers specific procedures performed by your dentist. If you are searching for a dental plan that covers teeth fillings and teeth cleanings, that dental plan should not cost you much. On the other hand, if you would like to have x-rays and fluoride paid by your dental plan, then this type of dental plan most likely should cost a bit more.

* Ask the dental insurance company about your personal dentist's role in its dental plan. If your dentist is not on its list, then it is rather useless selecting such type of dental plan. Since your dentist is the one most familiar with your dental health, it is better to ask your dentist which dental insurance companies' dental plans he participates in.

* You can do a thorough research on dental insurance companies online. Dental health is a new and fast growing industry and is getting very competitive. You can find a wide selection of dental plans ranging from $15.00 per month to $100 per month.

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Monday, 6 October 2008

Dental Care a Necessity - But Ignored

Dental care is one of the most neglected areas in human health. Unless we face real problems, like pain or any visible problems with the tooth, people tend to neglect it. In fact some of the infections/problems with tooth could create very serious health problems.

It is the discomfort you feel when you are in a dental exam and all that comes with it, makes the dental health a very unpleasant experience for many. But the real problem is with the system. Most of the health care insurances do not support dental. There is additional premiums, need to be paid to get dental insurance. No pre-existing conditions are covered in dental insurances. There are higher limits on the insurances, which are below any major procedures for dental care. But dental care is more of a routine maintenance in a machine world, than an ailment. So it has more wide spread impact than a health care issue. Still it is not given enough attention to the public. Cost of dental care also is rising like any other health care cost. Common man, find it hard to handle dental care cost and ignore it most of the time and get major discomfort and lose of productive hours.

There is no perfect solution for these issues, unless people use their judgement to find their own solutions. One very affordable solution I find today, is the dental discount plans. There are many dental discount plans available in the market today. From local providers to national providers of dental discount plans. But personally I prefer some national providers that really put their energy in developing very strong network of doctors. Dental discount plans are real inexpensive. Close to $20.00 a month, you can get a real good dental discount plan that gives 50-80% discount. It is great alternative solution to dental insurance.

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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Do You Need Supplemental Dental Insurance?

Supplemental dental insurance is simply insurance that is purchased directly from the insurance company itself. Someone looking to find dental coverage will go through this insurance company rather than through their workplace because their job may not offer dental coverage. It is not uncommon for employers to offer very little if any dental coverage at all, but some are offering an option for you to opt in or opt out of a supplemental dental insurance policy, in which they will pay part of your premium.

The reason this type of dental insurance is becoming so popular is that the costs of dentistry has gone through the roof and thus have the premiums, so that employers are no longer able to offer those dental insurance plans to their workers.

So who really needs supplemental dental insurance?

1. The self employed. They have to pay their own dental costs and there are discount dental plans that can save a lot of money on both individual dental care and for families of the self-employed as well. Self-employed dental care can offer discounts on basic care like cleanings and x-rays and for cosmetic dentistry as well, like teeth-whitening and braces.

2. Business owners. Employers will find it easier to offer this type of dental care to their employees. In many cases dental insurance companies will make supplemental and voluntary dental insurance available even if the business is relatively small.

3. Those in need of a lot of dental work. If you have put off going to the dentist because you cannot afford dental insurance and you know you need a lot of work done on your teeth, then a discount dental plan may be the best option for you. Do not try to go in there and pay for all your dentistry at full price.

Supplemental dental insurance is simply the best option for most people, especially since full dental coverage is no longer offered by most employers. Oral health is very important so look at your options and make an informed decision for the preservation of your smile.

For more information on supplemental dental insurance and discount dental plans which can save you up to 50% off all dental costs check out:

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Dental Software - Clinic Management and Operation

If you haven't heard of dental software, then chances are you still keep your records in a cabinet or a stockpile of files and folders. It's time to give your clinic a makeover and make your secretary's job a lot easier. Dental software allows you to retrieve patients' files instantly and organize their database more comprehensively. With it, you can concentrate on fast service and customer satisfaction—your secretary or receptionist will be smiling at patients all day long.

What exactly is dental software?

Dental software is a computer program that records, organizes, and maintains patients' dental records. You can retrieve patient information with a single click rather than sorting through stacks of patient cards. It can also be programmed to perform various secretarial or organizational tasks associated in maintaining a dental clinic, such as keeping contacts of suppliers, filing receipts, and keeping track of payables and receivables.

Who needs dental software?

Dental software is ideal for those with a large client base. It is also very helpful in synergizing and centralizing database, especially if you have two or more clinics that share the same client-base. But dental software is not just for the big-timers – it can also be very helpful for small clinics that plan to expand or keep a complete record of their patients. No dental record will be lost if you have dental software, and this is ideal for building and maintaining customer relationships. Every interaction and procedure from as far back can be recorded and retrieved in a matter of seconds.

Tips on choosing a dental software

Picky Guide has a complete guide to dental software. Picky Guide is one of the fastest growing online magazines giving free consumer advice and product information.

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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Discount Dental Plans - Best Plans and Best Prices

Looking for a discount dental plan? Want to find the best plan at the best price? Here's how to do it.

Discount Dental Plans

Due to the skyrocketing costs of dental procedures and dental insurance, a new, cost-saving service has arrived on the scene - the discount dental plan.

A discount dental plan is not insurance, but rather a dental service whereby participating dentists give you discounts of 10% to 60% on dental procedures. Discount dental plans can save you and your family hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on dental work, and premiums are much cheaper than dental insurance.

Discount dental plans cover all types of dentistry - exams, cleanings, fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions, dentures, bridges, periodontal and cosmetic dentistry. And, unlike dental insurance, there are no 3 to 12 month waiting periods before you can see a dentist, no preexisting conditions, and no yearly insurance limits.

Discount Dental Plan Features

* Premiums are inexpensive, starting at $79.95 a year for one person and $129.95 for a family

* You get discounts of 10% to 60% on dental procedures and, unlike dental insurance, there are no limits to the amount of work you can have done

* There are no waiting periods like there are with dental insurance. With most plans you can see a participating dentist within a day or two after you sign up.

* There are no health restrictions or preexisting condition restrictions like there are with dental insurance.

Get the Best Plans and Best Prices

The easiest way to find the best plan with the best price is to go to a comparison dental plan website. There you can view the various plans that are available in your area, including discounts and yearly premiums, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

The better sites even have a toll-free telephone service so you can get answers to any questions you may have (see link below).


Skeptical? So was I ... until I signed up with a dental plan and saved more than $2,500 on a number of crowns I needed. My wife saved $700 on bridgework and we found a dentist who is painless, professional, caring, and who has even become a friend.

Visit or click on the following link to get discount dental plan rates from top-rated companies and see how much you can save. You can get more dental plan tips in their Articles section.

The author, Brian Stevens, is a former insurance agent and financial consultant who has written a number of articles on discount dental plans.

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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Supplemental Dental Insurance

Reading the daily newspapers and magazines will help to make you aware of the number of accidents that happen around you every single day. This is what makes holding a health insurance plan so important nowadays. These insurance policies will come in handy in the event of an emergency.

Dental science is an area which has grown with tremendous developments in recent years. A lot of recent, innovative techniques and instruments are employed to bring out powerful effects in the various treatments provided.

The gadgets and infrastructure used in dentistry are imported from various countries. Dental treatments are very expensive nowadays. So it is always wise to have some sort of dental insurance policies.

There are many insurance companies worldwide that offer dental insurance policies. Delta Dental, United Concordia, MetLife, and OmniChoice are some of the leading health insurance companies that offer dental insurance.

Supplemental dental insurance companies are those who get their royalties from the leading dental insurance companies to provide insurance policies. Getting supplemental dental insurance is possible in few steps. Just log onto any broker?s URL on the Internet, browse, and compare their plans and choose the one that is best suited to fit your needs.

The policies of supplemental dental insurance plans will offer you discounts on various dental treatments. To avail these policies, you must choose one plan from the various plans available with the company. It is enough if you pay a small amount from your pocket as premiums, every month.

Supplemental dental insurance policies are available for individuals, families, and groups. You can have group policies that include your friends and relatives. Family dental insurance policies will enable you to claim dental treatments of anyone in your family.

Supplemental dental insurance covers the costs from periodic dental check-up to major dental surgeries. This insurance is valid to individuals and groups and also valid for people who already have other dental insurance policies.

It is always advisable to take supplemental dental insurance policy to help you at the time of emergencies.

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Difference Between Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plan

Discount dental plan is an affordable option for traditional dental insurance in number of ways, the question here comes how would a person can select which one among is the better option to go for. So, here we take a look at the differences between the two dental plans, and that will help out to select the best one.

Dental insurance

Dental insurance is the very first choice for a person going to opt for the dental care procedure,
The very first thought that comes to ones mind, going to opt for the dental care cover is dental insurance; it is the traditional method to get cover over all your dental care procedures.

Dental insurance provides you with the dental care cover costs reimbursement, by the help of dental insurance you will get back your dental care expenses, but here are few conditions or criteria to opt dental insurance for your complete dental care procedure, dental insurance have no provision for the cover for the peoples of old age, here you will not be able to enjoy cover for the peoples having any pre-existing dental problem.

Another drawback for the dental insurance is that, you have to under go pre-medical certification tests as a proof for any pre-existing dental care problem. You have to fill number of confusing forms, to get your dental care costs returned.

Dental insurance is best for regular preventive care as teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments etc. but if a person is thinking for buying dental insurance to cover for the root canal, that you require immediately, then you'll feel regret.

Discount Dental Plans

Discount dental plan as the name suggest is not insurance plan, discount dental plan offers discounts over all the dental care treatments, here you will get discounts between 10% to 60% on all your dental care process, be it preventive or intense dental care procedures, it covers for all major dental works such as dentures, bridges, braces, root canals and more. Here, in dental discount plan you will be provided with discounts on your complete dental procedures, at the time of paying your dentists, here you have to show your membership card and you will benefited by discounts over your complete dental care procedures.

You will enjoy with discount dental plan, available for all the dental care procedures and for all the peoples though suffering from pre-existing dental problem. Here, there is no need to fill confusing forms, or there is no need to fill claims to get your dental care costs returned.

Discount dental plan provides covers for all kinds of dental care procedure, be it preventive or intense, such as root canal, denture, cleaning, teeth whitening, braces etc it also provides covers for the cosmetic dentistry treatments. Discount dental plans are an inexpensive and easy-to-use option for dental insurance, and offers plan members with important savings on all the dental procedures.

Here, we have gone through all the important points of dental insurance and discount dental plan, so it will be easy for all of you to decide which plan is more beneficial and appropriate for the dental care of yourself and for your family.

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