Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Cost of Tooth Whitening - Is it Expensive?

The two most common methods of teeth whitening are either through professional work from your local dentist or via various whitening toothpastes that are available in a range of different types.

Getting your teeth whitened professionally can cost upwards of $500 in many cases. This type of procedure usually involves the use of a peroxide-based whitener which will change the insides of your tooth due to the chemicals which results in whiter teeth. Whilst this can be the most effective method you do have many other options.

As more toothpastes become available to the public, more and more of them are being developed with various particles that are used in the traditional methods of whitening. You will be able to find these toothpastes ranging anywhere from $5-$50.

If you would like to save even more money, here are two methods in which you can use in the comfort of your own home, with very little cost.

1. Along with the various particles in the toothpastes mentioned above, many of them also contain baking soda. You can take the baking soda from your home or buy it very cheap from your local supermarket. You can mix it with a little bit of salt and water and apply it to the discolored teeth. This can be very effective.

2. Some fruits can play an excellent role in whitening of the teeth. Strawberries in particular, can be mashed up into a paste and applied to the discolored teeth for about 5 minutes. Always ensure that you rinse your mouth and teeth well after the 5 minute duration.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tonsil Stone - How to Remove a Tonsil Stone?

If you've recently noticed a change in the way your breath smells or the way your throat feels, you might have a tonsil stone. These little chunks smell terrible and form inside the tonsils.

Usually a tonsil stone is caused by a number of different factors including food particles building up in the tonsil crypt, dry mouth, mucous, and bacteria that forms in everyone's mouth, but builds up especially prevalent in your tonsils. This combination of factors could be the cause of the throat stones.

Many times people can simply cough the stones up and spit them out. Other people might have a more difficult time getting them removed. The stones can be embarrassing since it causes your breath to smell especially bad.

The bad breath caused by a tonsil stone is mostly the result of the bacteria build up. This is because the bacteria that causes a tonsil stone produces sulfur, which smells very similar to rotten eggs. Because the stone is just sitting there festering in your mouth, the bad breath might be particularly difficult to get rid of. Gargle daily and brush your teeth after each and every meal if possible.

Diligent brushing can help to remove the bad breath associated with it. Another method to use against a tonsil stone is acidophilus. This is a "good bacteria" that then fights off the bad bacteria. It flourishes in your stomach, and then kills off any odors and germs that can cause the tonsil stone to form in the first place.

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Monday, 25 May 2009

Tooth Fairy Payments Drop - Toothless Children Report Quarterly Loss

PCs became one of the most vital inventions the world has ever seen. They allow you to finish writing projects, create spreadsheets, surf the Net, and much more. But computers are not without problems...

A vital part of a Windows PC operating system is called the registry. A computer Simply can't run without a registry as it provides some very crucial functions to the system. Over time, the PC registry starts to build up errors from ordinary each day activities.

These registry errors start to cause problems for your computers performance. Symptoms of registry mistakes include such things as slow running programs, slow start-up or load time, windows crashing, and your system freezing up. All of these issues can become real headaches for any Computer owner.

A registry cleaner is a computer program that cleans up all the registry blunder issues. This includes invalid application paths, missing DLL files, missing startup programs, missing file associations, and much more. Fixing these registry problems can drastically enhance your computers performance.

There are a number of registry software programs available these days. Many claim to be better than others, whilst performing the vital function of cleaning up your Computer and improving performance. How did you know which registry cleaner software is the best choice? The answer's by reading registry cleaner reviews.

So, what should you look for in a registry cleaner review?

A registry cleaner review should always include some key parts. First, the review should provide details about what the registry cleaner does (i.e. features). At about that point, you know why you need a registry cleaner, but you need to be sure that the registry cleaner you choose will perform an inclusive system scan, perform the right functions, and fix any registry errors it finds.

A registry cleaner review must also include information on ease of use. How easy is it to use the software? One of the great things about registry cleaners is that they automate the registry cleanup process since manually modifying your registry can be very technical, troublesome, and dangerous. A registry cleaning software should be simple for anyone to use.

The next thing to look out for in a review about registry cleaners is scanning ability and repair capabilities. Ideally, the reviewer should have tried out the software and determined whether it essentially scans all the required PC sectors. It should determine whether the mistakes it uncovers really get repaired and whether the PC performance improves following the cleaning process.

Finally, a registry cleaner review should cover information on consumer support and software pricing. What kind of support can you are expecting from the software creator? The reviewer should be ready to tell you exactly how the merchant provides you to get in contact with them for any questions you can have and the various ways you can fetch help. The review should also include the price of the registry cleaner and how it measures up to other competing software.

An ideal registry cleaner review needs to include information on the features, scanning capability, fix efficacy, support, and pricing. Look for an unbiased review on a visually appealing website as well. In the end, these reviews can offer you with a good means of picking the software you need to get your PC running at optimal performance again.

By: Jim Gordon

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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Tooth Whitening - What is the Best Tooth Whitening Toothpaste?

It is becoming more and more apparent everyday that every new toothpaste that comes out has some form of whitening aspect available. In some cases using these items may be beneficial but in other instances it may not be the best method to pursue.

A majority of these products contain various particles including dicalcium phosphate, hydrated silicias and aluminum oxide. When the bristles of the toothbrush combine with these particles the begin to scrape the debris off the teeth surface.

In peroxide-based teeth whiteners the effect occurs via a chemical change within your teeth, as opposed to the effect of a toothpaste which occurs solely as a way of removing debris off the teeth.

Usually, toothpastes are not considered to be the most effective method of tooth whitening. The reason for this is because they primarily remove debris from the teeth as opposed to changing the color of the teeth internally which is the result of using whiteners in which are peroxide based. With that said, however, there are some instances in which using these types of products could be the best option.

Many people are more than content with the color of the teeth, however, as time progresses teeth can begin to take on a darkish color. It may be very evident on some teeth but not as much on other teeth. This type of staining is one in which the use of whitening toothpastes would be the best option as they were created for this type of stain.

As well as the above two types of products, there are also many herbal based products which can be extremely beneficial. As you can tell, there are many different methods you can use in regards to acquiring those pearly whites!

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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Teeth Whitening - What is Teeth Whitening and How to Do it on a Budget

Teeth whitening is a process by which you can hope to regain the true color of your teeth. Have not encountered a situation wherein you find that your teeth are stained in a yellow color? I'm sure you have. Let us now try and explain the true meaning of teeth whitening.

The Removal Of Yellow Stains

You are often habitual of eating fast food, drinking cups after cups of tea, gulping truckloads of coffee and indulging in a feast of colas. While all this sounds natural and enjoyable, it tends to leave a negative impact on your health-especially your dental health. With regards to your teeth, foods and drinks tend to leave a permanent stain on them. Very soon, you find that their color has been transformed from a sparkling white to a pale yellow. In order to regain the true color of your teeth, you need to whiten them by making use of a professional technique.

To Restore Dental Health

Foods in general tend to leave a negative impact on your dental hygiene. While you often indulge in a daily cleansing cession and brush your teeth twice a day with a medicated tooth paste, the fact remains that you simply cannot hope to retain the true color of your teeth. Besides, you also tent to damage the outer layer of your teeth by making use of the tooth brush far too often. In order to avoid further damage to your teeth and maintain their general health, you need to try and indulge in a weekly teeth whitening cession. For this, you need to make use of a professional whitening agent.

The Removal of Bad Breath

Bad breath is often considered a taboo in the world of oral hygiene. In order to maintain your general health, you need to fight bad breadth. This can be done through the means of a professional teeth whitening routine.

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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Natural Teeth Whitening Methods

There are many natural teeth whitening products that can often be found in your home. They are often really cheap to purchase, and chances are they are already in your kitchen. Have a look at some of the following natural teeth whitening methods.

Baking soda is known for its deodorizing and cleaning abilities. This is probably the reason why so many brands of tooth paste include baking soda in their ingredients. Baking soda isn't just for cleaning though, it can also successfully be used for whitening.

Most people are surprised to find out that strawberries are great for whitening. Although the red dyes in strawberries can stain your clothing, they don't stain teeth. There is actually an acid in strawberries that will work to lighten the color of your teeth quite a bit. Just be careful to brush after using them, because this acid can damage your enamel.

Lemon juice has similar acids to strawberries and has natural whitening agents in it. It can definitely help whiten your teeth, but it isn't recommended because lemon juice also contains acids that can wear down the enamel of your teeth. If you choose to use this method, do not use it often.

Apple cider vinegar is also great. Try mixing it with your baking soda and using it to brush your teeth. It won't taste very good, so you may want to add a few drops of peppermint extract to make it a bit more pleasing.

With the many great whitening methods available such as AltaWhite, there are also quite a few natural methods you can use. It is definitely worth a shot, and it just might brighten up your smile.

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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Osteoporosis and Your Smile - How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Prevent Tooth Loss

Most people are aware of the basics of osteoporosis - the weak, brittle bones, the risk of a fractured hip or ankle, and the realization that they should have done more to stop it before it was too late. More than ten million Americans suffer from this disease, and 80% of its sufferers are women, although the reason why women are most often targeted is unknown. Osteoporosis is a sneaky condition, which is why victims often suffer significant bone loss before noticing any symptoms. What many people do not consider when faced with the possibility of osteoporosis is tooth loss. However, cosmetic dentistry can help to preserve your smile and your health.

Bone Loss Can Lead To Tooth Loss

The loss of bone mass throughout the body causes fractures. What many people don't realize or consider when fighting osteoporosis is that your jaw is made of bone, and that this is what holds your teeth in place. Postmenopausal women who struggle with osteoporosis (the largest contingent of those with osteoporosis) comprise the largest group of women at risk for losing their teeth. Scientists have recently discovered a link between the estrogen deficiency that follows menopause and the rate of oral bone loss. Without strong bones holding your teeth in place, tooth loss and tooth shifting can occur. If you or someone you know suffers from osteoporosis, make it a point to mention it to your cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry offers options to prevent and delay tooth loss.

How A Cosmetic Dentist Can Help Preserve Your Smile

While osteoporosis is often hard at work before its effects are noticeable, don't give up. Cosmetic dentistry can help you keep your teeth. A 2007 study of over 1,200 postmenopausal women conducted by the Journal of Periodontology discovered an increase in jawbone loss in women with periodontal disease. Another study conducted shortly after concluded that by eliminating periodontal disease, women with osteoporosis jawbone loss could significantly reduce and slow further bone or tooth loss.

This means that simple, regular cleanings by your cosmetic dentist could eliminate the periodontal disease that accelerates bone and tooth loss. These regular cleanings, teamed with routine checkups and careful daily care, help preserve your teeth. Also, if you are experiencing loose teeth, or teeth that seem to shift within your mouth, consult your cosmetic dentist. It might be the first step to a diagnosis of osteoporosis and treatment.

How To Protect Yourself

Remember that your oral health affects your overall health and vice versa. Prevention is always preferable to finding out too late. In the case of osteoporosis, many of the recommended methods of prevention are also the most effective treatments.

To protect yourself, consume lots of calcium and vitamin D rich foods. Another form of protection is to exercise with weights regularly, as this increases bone density most quickly and powerfully. If needed, have your doctor prescribe a bone density medication.

Most importantly, get regular cleanings and checkups with your dentist; it can prevent damage from occurring before it's too late. However, if you've already suffered tooth loss due to osteoporosis, consider the benefits and possibilities that cosmetic dentistry can offer to help you reclaim the smile of your dreams.

Christine O'Kelly is a writer for Big Smile Dental, a premier cosmetic dentist in Chicago. If you need cosmetic dentistry in Chicago, Big Smile Dental is a great choice, as the practice is committed to providing superior dentistry services at competitive prices.

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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bruxism Relief - Finding an Alternative Solution

What is Bruxism?
Bruxism is the term doctors use to describe the repeated motion of grinding or clenching of the teeth. Bruxism tends to occur mostly at night (nocturnal) during sleep, but can also occur during the day.

So bruxism is grinding my teeth, "that doesn't sound bad" you may say. Why do I need bruxism relief? True for most people bruxism is fairly mild and they may not even have been aware that they were grinding their teeth until a visit to the dentist reveals tooth damage. For others, however, bruxism can be devastating. We chew our food with the force of 175 pounds per square inch, and when we brux, that force is doubled. That is a tremendous about of pressure on your teeth and jaw. When bruxism is severe or chonic it can lead to further devastating consequences such as TMJ and arthritis of the temporomandibular joint.

How can I get bruxism relief?

1. The first treatment generally suggested is the use of a mouth guard or splint, typically costing around $500-$700 and up.

- A mouth guard or splint used as a bruxism treatment will stop further damage to the tooth surfaces and stop the force from repositioning your teeth in your mouth.

- Many people find mouth guards to be too cumbersome to sleep with or they gag on the guard.
- Mouth guards do not stop the teeth grinding, instead of grinding your teeth you are now grinding the mouth guard.
- Many insurance plans don't cover mouth guards and if you are a heavy bruxer, you will frequently need to replace them due to biting through the guard or splint.
- Use of a mouth guard for more than a few months can lead to "severe and irreversible complications" (Dr. Sven E. Wildman, DDS).

2. Prescription pain medication

Pros - Reduces swelling in the jaw providing some bruxism relief.

- Does not cure the underlying problem of grinding - bruxism still occurs, only the painful result is being managed
- Long term use of pain killers is linked to liver problems as well as possible interaction with other medications you may be taking.

3. Alternative treatments. These methods include exercises for the jaw, life changes, and diet tips that go to the root cause of what is causing the teeth grinding to provide you with a cure for bruxism relief.

- Work with your body to stop the process of bruxism once and for all using natural, holistic methods.

- Can be difficult to piece together a program that works for you unless you know where to look.

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Sunday, 10 May 2009

How to Stop Teeth Grinding - What Can Be Done to Cure Your Bruxism?

How to stop grinding teeth at night? It's a good question, and one that an increasing proportion of the population are asking. For many people, they've been sleeping with teeth grinding guards for a long time, while for others they may have just been told that they have bruxism, and are wondering if there is a way to cure it that doesn't involve the inconvenience of a mouth guard.

Why would you want to try and get by without a mouth guard?

As anyone who's used one for any length of time will know, although they do stop the physical damage caused to the teeth they don't really help in eradicating the cause of these issues. In particular, once you get used to using one you do find it quite hard to sleep without one ... especially when you awake the next morning with that tense, tight feeling in your jaw. In fact sometimes you'll wake up to find out you've bitten deep into your pillow just to try and stop the grinding!

So what's the solution then?

Current theory suggests that the main cause of grinding teeth is related to a combination of :

- anger, pain, frustration

- stress and anxiety

- personality type

- diet and sleeping habits

Therefore the obvious solution is to look into solutions to these causes and help eliminate them. Now of course, you're unlikely to change your personality type overnight, but by taking steps to help reduce stress & anxiety, and making subtle changes to your diet, it is possible to cure your bruxism without a night guard.

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Teeth Whitening - Strips, Trays, Or Tips - Which Method is Best For You?

Everyone wants to have whiter teeth. You've noticed before how a bright, white, smile gives a person confidence and likability that is hard to match any other way. It's no wonder that home teeth whitening kits have become such a huge market.

Strips, whitening trays, special toothpastes and other techniques all have their advantages and disadvantages. The smart consumer will learn the pros and cons of each and then make a decision on the best system for their own lifestyle, pocket book, and whiteness level desired.

Whitening Strips are extremely popular. You can buy them in the grocery store or drug store and get started right away. When you get them home, you apply the strips to your teeth and leave them on from 30 minutes to overnight. They generally cost around $30 per kit and take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to reach their maximum effect. They are readily available, reasonable in cost and easy to use. However, leaving them on all night is sort of a drag and they only whiten teeth a few shades at best.

Whitening Trays can be very effective. They work similar to the strips but instead of applying the strip directly to the teeth, the consumer puts some gel into a plastic tray and then puts the tray into her mouth for 30 minutes or longer. These systems work well because they get the bleaching agents all around the teeth. However, they aren't very fun to keep in your mouth and the trays can even be somewhat uncomfortable after a few uses.

Whitening Tips are my favorite choice for teeth whitening. With these, the user gets a package of whitening tips and whitening powder. When you are ready to use them, you just snap the end off of the tip and then dab it in the whitening powder and then put the powder on your teeth. It takes just seconds and doesn't require you to wear any uncomfortable strip or tray. When you're done, you just rinse your teeth with water and you're left with a fresh, clean taste.

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Friday, 8 May 2009

Good Oral Hygiene Will Improve Your Overall Health

Good oral hygiene in a mouth is when a mouth looks and smells healthy. This means that your teeth are clean and free of debris, gums are pink and do not hurt or bleed when you brush or floss, and bad breath is not a consistent problem. If your gums are bleeding when you brush or floss or you experience bad breath frequently you may want to see your dentist. This may mean that there are problems in your mouth.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums. Having healthy teeth and gums not only let you look and feel good but also make it possible for you to eat and speak properly. It is important for your overall well-being.

Taking good daily preventive care, such as brushing and flossing twice daily, to help you stop problems before they even develop. It is much less painful and expensive than treating conditions that have been allowed to happen.

To decrease the risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease, cavities, and other problems there are some simple steps that can be done. Brushing and flossing twice daily, eating a balanced diet, and using hygiene products that have fluoride, like toothpaste, will greatly help to reduce these risks. So will using a fluoride rinse like mouthwash, drinking fluoride water or taking a fluoride supplement if you live in an area where your tap water is not treated will help too. Alternative Health Supplements offers a variety of products to help whiten and take care of your teeth.

The fast paced world's of most adult's lives leaves very little time for good oral hygiene. A good routine needed to prevent cavities and diseases is inconvenient and time consuming for some busy people; or is it that most are just to lazy to take the time to put effort into a good preventative routine. Either way it is unfortunate because periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. It is reported that 75% of all American adults have some form of a periodontal disease.

Early detection of disease can reduce the risks of permanent damage to teeth and gums. Regular dentist visits about every 6 months can help to detect and prevent disease. It will also help you to learn more about the proper care of your teeth and gums.

A good complete oral hygiene routine at home will also include good nutritional habits. Many of the foods that will help to build strong healthy bones will also help to build strong healthy teeth and gums as well. Dairy products provide calcium and vitamin D for strengthening teeth and bones. Breads and starches supply vitamin B for growth and iron for healthy blood, which helps to have healthy gum tissue. Fruits and vegetables have vitamin C and other vitamins for maintaining healthy gums. Eating lean meats, fish, poultry, and beans will give iron and protein for overall health and magnesium and zinc for healthy teeth and gums.

Your oral health depends on many factors. Changes in your overall health status often result in changes in your oral health as well. Making simple lifestyle changes can help you to improve your overall health and oral health. Like quitting smoking and drinking caffeine will improve your overall health greatly.

It even flip flops, flossing your teeth twice a day can also help you to prevent heart disease. Studies have shown that people who have gum inflammation and unhealthy gums also have more over all body inflammation, which is a predictor for heart disease, high cholesterol, strokes, and even wrinkles.

Steven Johnson is committed to helping people maintain healthy and effective lifestyles. For more information on any other health supplements please visit his website Alternative Health Supplements at

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Best Teeth Whitening System - Getting a Celebrity Smile is Easy!

If you are after a new and whiter smile, then you need to know about the best teeth whitening system that you can get. The catch is that it is not found in the stores and you cannot get it from your dentist. This is partially because it is 100% natural and also because the company just does not market this great product in the same way as others do. Here are the benefits of a whiter smile.

First, in order to get a whiter smile you have to know where to look and what really works. There are many that will claim to be the best teeth whitening system, but there are many that do not live up to what they say. Any teeth whitening system you purchase in the actual department stores is probably not going to be all that great for many reasons. First, it is in a department store with no guarantee. Second, it is going to whiten your teeth with chemicals that are bad for your body.

Second, if you found the best teeth whitening system and were able to get a smile like those on television with beautiful white teeth, then you would get one of the greatest benefits imaginable. You would be so confident in your smile that you would be smiling all the time and you would be a happier person. Confidence is a very attractive quality and when you have wonderful white teeth you will have a new type of confidence that you are not used to having.

Last, you should know how to spot a teeth whitening system that is actually very good. The best ones will offer you a free trial of some sort giving you a chance to test out their product before you ever invest any money into it. They will only ask you to pay for the shipping and handling and you will be able to see if their system actually works or not. They know that when you see the results you will be willing to tell your friends and when you need another whitening you will purchase from them.

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Friday, 1 May 2009

Oral Health and Dental Care

Dental care is integral part of general health, and good oral health gives the sense of overall well-being. Tooth decay is the most common health problem in many countries, and it shows the poor emphasis on the dental care by the general public. Unbalanced diet, poor brushing habits and negligence to daily oral care leads to various dental problems calling for dental treatments, which can be time consuming, expensive, painful and complex. Most of the dental problems can be avoided by paying attention to the daily oral hygiene.

Important Dental Care Tips

It is advisable to use the soft bristled brush with synthetic rounded bristles. When buying a brush, look for the seal of approval from American Dental Association. The toothbrush must be replaced every 2-3 months, or when the bristles are bent or worn. For good dental care, replace your toothbrush after you have suffered from cold.

Proper brushing technique is important for dental care, and brush outside, inside and inside surface of lower and upper jaws. Brush your tongue to freshen up your breath as bacteria and debris on the tongue cause bad breath.

The ideal dental care involves brushing the teeth at least once everyday, preferably at bed time. Brushing after the breakfast helps in thorough removal of plague daily. To clean each tooth properly, change the position of the brush after few strokes. Good dental care does not require too much of paste, and pea-sized fluoridated toothpaste is sufficient. It is essential to avoid brushing teeth too vigorously as it can wear down the tooth structure. It can also cause the gums to recede, exposing the root surface.

For good dental care, good flossing techniques must be used. But, many people do not enjoy flossing, as they are not aware of the proper technique, and hence hurt the soft tissues of the mouth during the attempt. A safe and effective alternative to flossing includes use of brush picks, floss picks, tooth picks and special plague removers.

Some dental specialists and dentists advise using the plague removers instead of regular flossing for dental care. The picks can reach the nooks of the mouth that are left unavailable for floss and toothbrush. Toothpicks are great for dental care, but they are not able to reach all the desired places such as behind the last wisdom tooth.

For good dental care, you can also make the toothpaste at home by mixing baking soda, salt, glycerin and peppermint. But, never swallow the toothpaste, as it may cause the fluoride toxicity. Brush mildly for 2-3 minutes as brushing vigorously for longer time does more harm than good.

Many studies have indicated a strong correlation between oral health and general health. Not paying attention to the dental care can lead to many health problems such as osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease and pregnancy problems. The bacteria causing the periodontal infection can enter the blood stream carrying the infection to many major body organs, leading to various health problems. Consider a periodontal evaluation if you have diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, respiratory disease or if planning to conceive a baby.

As a good dental care program, smoking must be avoided as it can cause tooth discoloration, bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Some of the other ill-effects of smoking include mouth bores, hairy tongue, shifting teeth, delayed wound healing, altered sense of smell and taste and jaw bone loss.

For good dental care, mouthwashes such as Chorohexidine or Listernine have effective antiseptic properties that kill the bacterial plague. It is also important to maintain a well-balanced diet, and minimize the consumption of sugary and starchy foods that are known to cause tooth decay. To maintain proper dental care, avoid eating between meals as it makes teeth more prone to decay.

It also helps to visit your dentist once in 3-4 months so that any oral concern can be diagnosed early. There are no symptoms associated with most of oral health problems till the disease has progressed to the advanced stage.

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