Sunday, 10 May 2009

How to Stop Teeth Grinding - What Can Be Done to Cure Your Bruxism?

How to stop grinding teeth at night? It's a good question, and one that an increasing proportion of the population are asking. For many people, they've been sleeping with teeth grinding guards for a long time, while for others they may have just been told that they have bruxism, and are wondering if there is a way to cure it that doesn't involve the inconvenience of a mouth guard.

Why would you want to try and get by without a mouth guard?

As anyone who's used one for any length of time will know, although they do stop the physical damage caused to the teeth they don't really help in eradicating the cause of these issues. In particular, once you get used to using one you do find it quite hard to sleep without one ... especially when you awake the next morning with that tense, tight feeling in your jaw. In fact sometimes you'll wake up to find out you've bitten deep into your pillow just to try and stop the grinding!

So what's the solution then?

Current theory suggests that the main cause of grinding teeth is related to a combination of :

- anger, pain, frustration

- stress and anxiety

- personality type

- diet and sleeping habits

Therefore the obvious solution is to look into solutions to these causes and help eliminate them. Now of course, you're unlikely to change your personality type overnight, but by taking steps to help reduce stress & anxiety, and making subtle changes to your diet, it is possible to cure your bruxism without a night guard.

You can find out more about the steps requried to stop teeth grinding here -

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