Sunday, 10 May 2009

Teeth Whitening - Strips, Trays, Or Tips - Which Method is Best For You?

Everyone wants to have whiter teeth. You've noticed before how a bright, white, smile gives a person confidence and likability that is hard to match any other way. It's no wonder that home teeth whitening kits have become such a huge market.

Strips, whitening trays, special toothpastes and other techniques all have their advantages and disadvantages. The smart consumer will learn the pros and cons of each and then make a decision on the best system for their own lifestyle, pocket book, and whiteness level desired.

Whitening Strips are extremely popular. You can buy them in the grocery store or drug store and get started right away. When you get them home, you apply the strips to your teeth and leave them on from 30 minutes to overnight. They generally cost around $30 per kit and take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to reach their maximum effect. They are readily available, reasonable in cost and easy to use. However, leaving them on all night is sort of a drag and they only whiten teeth a few shades at best.

Whitening Trays can be very effective. They work similar to the strips but instead of applying the strip directly to the teeth, the consumer puts some gel into a plastic tray and then puts the tray into her mouth for 30 minutes or longer. These systems work well because they get the bleaching agents all around the teeth. However, they aren't very fun to keep in your mouth and the trays can even be somewhat uncomfortable after a few uses.

Whitening Tips are my favorite choice for teeth whitening. With these, the user gets a package of whitening tips and whitening powder. When you are ready to use them, you just snap the end off of the tip and then dab it in the whitening powder and then put the powder on your teeth. It takes just seconds and doesn't require you to wear any uncomfortable strip or tray. When you're done, you just rinse your teeth with water and you're left with a fresh, clean taste.

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