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Tooth Whitening - What is the Best Tooth Whitening Toothpaste?

It is becoming more and more apparent everyday that every new toothpaste that comes out has some form of whitening aspect available. In some cases using these items may be beneficial but in other instances it may not be the best method to pursue.

A majority of these products contain various particles including dicalcium phosphate, hydrated silicias and aluminum oxide. When the bristles of the toothbrush combine with these particles the begin to scrape the debris off the teeth surface.

In peroxide-based teeth whiteners the effect occurs via a chemical change within your teeth, as opposed to the effect of a toothpaste which occurs solely as a way of removing debris off the teeth.

Usually, toothpastes are not considered to be the most effective method of tooth whitening. The reason for this is because they primarily remove debris from the teeth as opposed to changing the color of the teeth internally which is the result of using whiteners in which are peroxide based. With that said, however, there are some instances in which using these types of products could be the best option.

Many people are more than content with the color of the teeth, however, as time progresses teeth can begin to take on a darkish color. It may be very evident on some teeth but not as much on other teeth. This type of staining is one in which the use of whitening toothpastes would be the best option as they were created for this type of stain.

As well as the above two types of products, there are also many herbal based products which can be extremely beneficial. As you can tell, there are many different methods you can use in regards to acquiring those pearly whites!

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