Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tonsil Stone - How to Remove a Tonsil Stone?

If you've recently noticed a change in the way your breath smells or the way your throat feels, you might have a tonsil stone. These little chunks smell terrible and form inside the tonsils.

Usually a tonsil stone is caused by a number of different factors including food particles building up in the tonsil crypt, dry mouth, mucous, and bacteria that forms in everyone's mouth, but builds up especially prevalent in your tonsils. This combination of factors could be the cause of the throat stones.

Many times people can simply cough the stones up and spit them out. Other people might have a more difficult time getting them removed. The stones can be embarrassing since it causes your breath to smell especially bad.

The bad breath caused by a tonsil stone is mostly the result of the bacteria build up. This is because the bacteria that causes a tonsil stone produces sulfur, which smells very similar to rotten eggs. Because the stone is just sitting there festering in your mouth, the bad breath might be particularly difficult to get rid of. Gargle daily and brush your teeth after each and every meal if possible.

Diligent brushing can help to remove the bad breath associated with it. Another method to use against a tonsil stone is acidophilus. This is a "good bacteria" that then fights off the bad bacteria. It flourishes in your stomach, and then kills off any odors and germs that can cause the tonsil stone to form in the first place.

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