Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Effect Of Smoking On Dental Implants

Dental implants and mini dental implants function as an effective replacement for lost tooth. The factors that determine the success rate and longevity of and many including mainly the teeth being natural or grafted. But another factor that cannot be neglected when it comes to the success associated with dental implants is the wearer being a smoker or non-smoker.

They are grafted with the help of a surgery in the mouth. After the surgery is completed and the implant is fixed the bone and the gum tissue need to heal and this integrates the artificial teeth to its surrounding s. This process is very important since this only will determine the efficiency of the implants. The implants will last long and will function properly only if the process of healing is completed. This process is not completed properly if the person is a smoker. Researchers conducted in the recent times have proved the fact that implants do not last longer in case of smokers. If the wearer is a smoker then there are two and half times lesser chances of the implants lasting long and yielding the desired results. In a study conducted on 66 people in a period of 5 years, it came out that the 15.8% implants failed in smokers and in case of non-smokers, the success rate was much higher with the percentage of implants failing being 1.4.

We are aware of the health hazards posed by smoking to the concerned person and it is also a known fact that it is the mouth of the person that suffers most amount of danger with mouth and throat cancer being the biggest hazards. But it is little known that smoking leads to the constriction of the blood veins in the mouth. This causes problem in the supply of nutrients to the mouth. Hence the requirement of nutrients in the mouth is not met adequately. Nutrients are essential in the process of healing and repairing of gums and tissues. When this need is not fulfilled, the healing process is interrupted and the foreign materials in the mouth that is the dental implants do not merge properly with the surrounding and hence the healing remains incomplete. In addition to this, if the person is smoking continuously with his dental implants in function, then additional bone loss takes place. This further increases the complications for the patient.

During the surgery for fixing of dental implants, additional care should be taken if the patient is a smoker. This is because the effects of surgery are not healed properly because of constriction of blood vessels in the mouth. Owing to all these difficulties and hassles, when a smoker approaches a dentist for dental implants, he is first advised to quit smoking. If not then the doctors usually abstain from fixing dental implants in such patients.

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Monday, 10 January 2011

General Dental Care

Dental care can be separated in a few different categories. These categories are preventative maintenance and cleaning of your teeth, fixing small problems that might arise in your mouth like cavities, and this includes major surgeries that people get done on their teeth. It is important to take care of your mouth and visit the dentist at least twice a year so no serious problems arise with your teeth.

Preventative care and cleaning of your teeth is something dentists recommend you do twice a year. A main benefit of seeing the dentist this often is that they will inspect your mouth each time, so they will be able to discover something small like a cavity before it turns into a root canal. Having your teeth professionally cleaned is also a great way to prevent cavities and other complications in your mouth.

Outside of maintaining your teeth, having relatively small procedures is common at the dentist. Many people go to the dentist to get their teeth professionally whitened, or they need to replace a crown that they once had in their mouth. Other people often need veneers and cosmetic work done on their teeth which typically isn’t that big of a deal when it comes to cost, insurance, and the procedure itself.

Some more complicated procedures do arise at the dentist after they inspect your mouth. By taking an x-ray of your teeth, they can see what exactly is wrong with your teeth if you are feeling any pain or discomfort. A root canal can at times be a long procedure, and it is something that can be avoided by getting cavities discovered and filled as soon as possible. Some people need to have teeth pulled for various reasons, which is also a more complicated procedure than simply getting your teeth cleaned. Cosmetically, getting a fake tooth installed in your mouth is a procedure that isn’t too complicated but still outside of the normal every day procedure like a check up.

Dentist can also examine your mouth and determine that you need to seek further help in fixing your teeth or other problems with your mouth. If you are feeling pain and go to the dentists office, it is quite possible they will advise you to get a certain procedure done like the removal of your wisdom teeth. Dentists can also make recommendations on braces and other procedures that are involved with straightening the teeth and jaw. It is smart to try to see your local dentist more often than not so no serious problems come up with your mouth.

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