Thursday, 16 October 2008

Digital Dental X-Rays - Benefits in Dentistry

Digital x-rays are becoming the standard of care in dentistry. There are many fine systems in use today by a variety of manufacturers. Digital dental radiography was introduced in Germany in 1995 by the Dexis Corporation and into the United States in 1997. All digital radiology systems consists of:

  • A digital sensor instead of film
  • An image capture card (PCMCIA) or processing device.
  • Dental software for image display
  • Enhancement software
  • Digital image storage capability

When compared to dental film x-rays, digital radiology is equivalent (and in some instances better) than conventional dental film. Because some of the software is able to digitally enhance the image we believe is even better than traditional dental x-ray film. Digital radiology most significant advantage is seen in endodontic (root canals) where the dental file and the apex of the tooth need to be visualized in great detail.

Digital x-rays reduces radiation exposure to the patient and dental staff

Digital dental radiography can produce a high quality dental image with 60%-80% less exposure than traditional film dental x-rays. While traditional film x-rays have a very low exposure level ... this takes radiation exposure to a new level (very low).

Digital x-rays are friendly to the environment

Traditional dental x-rays use chemicals to develop and fix the image on to the film. These chemicals are not friendly to the environment. In addition, traditional film x-rays use silver halide to develop the image and a silver mixture in not released into the environment. Everyone benefits from this new technology.

Digital x-ray has been around dentistry for some ten years or so. The use of this imaging system benefits all dental patients.

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