Tuesday, 23 June 2009

How to Protect and Maintain Dental Implants

Many procedures and therapies are available to improve your appearance and oral health. Patients with missing teeth can now have better alternative than to employ fixed bridge or removable denture. It can restore their ability to eat, speak clearly and smile. There are number of treatments to restore missing teeth, but dental implants have proven to be effective and durable dental treatment. You need to have healthy gums and thick jawbone for the successful implant surgery. Cosmetic dentistry implants give a tremendous boost to your comfort and self-confidence.

Dental Implants Procedures

Cosmetic dental implants are considered to be best treatment option for restoring missing teeth. In cosmetic dentistry implants, implant made from titanium is tightly fitted after cutting and lifting the gum where the implant is to be placed. The titanium implants fitted into the small hole which is drilled in the jawbone at the location of the intended implant. Titanium materials easily integrate with bone tissue and after four to six weeks the final permanent restoration is fitted to the implant. The main aim during cosmetic dental implants is to attain a close contact between the outer surface of the implant and the surrounding bone tissue. After fusing, they make stable support for new replaced teeth.

Protection/Maintenance for Dental Implants

  • As the gums beneath dentures shrink over time, therefore, Implant-retained dentures need to be periodically re-lined or re-made to ensure that their fit is maintained. Such protection is essential if the implants are to avoid being overloaded.
  • Visit your dentist periodically to monitor your implant to make sure that your teeth are healthy. After dental implants treatment, your dentist advice the best dental health care plans for you.
  • Do regular brushing and flossing to keep your cosmetic dental implants clean and plaque-free for long-term success.
  • For effectiveness and long lasting results of cosmetic dental implants, patient needs to have proper home hygiene procedures to keep dental implants healthy.
  • Avoid the use of toothpastes that can damage dental implants restorations. Such toothpastes contain excessively abrasive ingredients (baking soda, stain removers, smoker's toothpastes etc).

Advantages of Cosmetic Dental Implants

  • It is more effective, stronger and durable cosmetic dental treatment than dentures and bridges.
  • Dental Implants increase stability and reduce gum tissue irritation.
  • Cosmetic Dental Implants can also be used in conjunction with other restorative methods such as to give support to dentures.
  • Cosmetic dental implants are the long term replacement procedure.
  • Dental implants never slip or make embarrassing noises.
  • It preserve your nearby healthy tooth tissue.
  • It restores the chewing efficiency and you can enjoy your favorite foods with confidence and without pain.
  • Unlike bridges and dentures, cosmetic dental implants do not need extra attention.

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