Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Corona Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is basically an easy procedure that can dramatically alter the color of your teeth, thereby enhancing your appearance.

Having whiter teeth has become an aesthetic concern these days and people are now looking for innovative methods to whiten their teeth. These methods of tooth whitening are pretty easy and comfortable for patients.

These non-invasive treatments can be used for changing the color of your natural tooth enamel, thus enhancing the beauty and your smile. Although tooth whitening is not permanent a method, but it can deficiently help you in getting back the original color of your tooth that lasts long.

Cosmetic dentists in Corona, California offer comprehensive cosmetic dentistry treatments including tooth whitening, dental implants, porcelain corns and veneers, bridges, bindings etc. Dr. Peter Brightman, a leading cosmetic dentist in this region has been serving the people of this community for years now with his brilliance and expertise.

About Dr. Peter Brightman

Dr. Peter Brightman is a recognized cosmetic dentist in Corona, California. A graduate of the Boston College with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, he further attended the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dentistry from where he has received his DMD. He has also completed his General Practice Residency in San Diego at Naval Regional Medical Center where he has mastered training in complex surgeries, oral surgery and root canals.

Dr. Peter offers devoted dental practice to restore and enhance the natural glow of your smile, with the use of state-of-the-art procedures and conservative treatment methods that results in long-lasting beautiful smiles. He provides comprehensive dental treatment plan with the use of cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry treatments.

As a reputed dental practitioner, Dr. Peter firmly believes that preventive cure and proper education are the principals to optimal oral heath. That is why he believes in thorough examination of the dental condition including the teeth, gums and roots, prior to which he performs the required treatment.

About Tooth Whitening in Corona

Dr. Peter prefers both home-tooth whitening system and in-office tooth whitening system; the home tooth whitening system is quite popular here in corona. In the very first visit to the dental office, Dr, Peter takes the impression of the patient’s mouth to make custom designed trays. After a day or two the patient is given the custom fitted trays along with the specially made tooth whitening gel to be used at home. This is a dentist supervised procedure wherein the dentist explains everything that needs to be done.

These trays are to be worn for a month or so to get the final results. In most of the cases, the results are dramatic.

For people seeking dramatic results immediately, the in-office Zoom! tooth whitening system is the best. This is the newest concept of tooth whitening that involves the use of proprietary Zoom light and bleaching gel. The gel is applied on the tooth and the light is illuminated to activate the process of whitening. With this method you can see the results in one hour.

For further information, you must visit Dr. Peter’s dental office in Corona, California.


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