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Stop Tooth Pain - How to Stop Tooth Pain - Effective Strategies

To stop tooth pain, you need to understand how to stop tooth pains. Everyone needs to maintain a healthy diet and that includes daily routine of oral hygiene pertaining to flossing and brushing. These factors along with natural remedies provided below will attribute to relief of toothaches and can be a preventative measure for future tooth aches.

One temporary yet effective strategy to stop teeth ache is to chew on wheat grass. Wheat grass helps take out toxins from the affected tooth and gum. It also helps bacterial growth and as an added bonus, it freshens up your breath.

Another method is with asafetida and lemon juice. Apply to the cavity of the problematic tooth and gum -it will quickly relieve the teeth ahce. For people with prior history of teeth pain, you should refrain from using sour foods that include lemon juice, oranges and lime because it will create more irritation to the achy tooth.

Usage of cloves is an additional home remdy for toothaches. The oil derived from the cloves has antiseptic properties which is perfect for stopping painful teeth. You can also apply clove oil directly to the affected teeth and gump areas to sooth the aches.

Using salt and paper, making sure it is mixed together and adding clove oil is another reliever to tooth pains naturally. But those who have a history of toothaches before, this can irritate and worsen pain in your teeth and gum. That being said, these temporary strategies are not recommended as they will stop working. It is best to cure and permanently remove any form of gum aches and tooth aches.

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