Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

When considering whitening your teeth, as with everything else, you need to consider what the side effects are. Is it safe for you? Can damage be done to your teeth? What problems could arise when whitening your teeth? As with any other medical procedure, you should consult with a doctor or dentist before you start using any tooth whitening product. Some of the side effects that can be found with any type of tooth whitening product are listed below.

With any gel product, whether low concentration or high concentration, you have to be aware that chemical burns can prove to be a side effect. You may notice a mild irritation or sensitivity in the soft tissue of your mouth such as your gums. This irritation is most commonly found when the chemical trays the gel product is placed is in ill-fitted for your mouth and your gums become exposed to the compound.
Also, you may notice your teeth become more sensitive to pain, cold and heat when you first use this product. Tooth sensitivity is most often felt in the beginning stages of using a tooth whitening product and can last the duration of the use of the product.

Another common side effect is called rebound. This is when the product stops working and you see a decrease in the effectiveness and the results actually reverse themselves.

As with beginning the use of any new product, you have to consider what the side effects are. Do the side effects outweigh the benefits or are the side effects just that, a livable side effect? The choice is yours and only you can make that decision. Just make sure you are well informed on the product you are using.

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