Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Houston Dental Implants, Anyone?

One day, a friend of mine in Houston called me up and told me something that changed my life for the better. He told me about this stuff that he said solved the problem that we both had been sharing – paranoia and uneasiness bordering on irritation because of wearing dentures. So, even if I was apprehensive, but because it was a recommendation that was given by somebody I know and felt for what I was undergoing, I flew to Houston to have my own set of Houston Dental Implants. And, lo and behold, I got what I had always wanted after years and years of embarrassment, insecurity and restlessness.

Look at the person beside you. Chances are he or she might have a missing teeth or two. You might even have your own set of missing teeth. If you are 35 to 44, you might be part of the 6% of the population that has lost at least one tooth. Or, if you are 65 to 74 years old, you might be part of the 26% who have “dental cripples” or the loss of all teeth.

As for me, I belonged to the latter group.

But either you belong to the 35-44 or 65-74 or a younger age group who is having problems with teeth loss, with whatever kinds of reasons, one thing holds true. YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS with it, in the same way that I had with my own teeth loss. But that is just part of my past and yours too if you can get it fixed Right Now at a local Houston dentist .

When I was growing up, people always had flattering remarks of my bedimpled cheeks. I never had problems making friends or getting dates. However, because of bad genes, my teeth eventually became fewer and fewer and my smiles become less frequent and so are the flatteries.

Teeth loss is not just plain a problem that affects the person's physical attributes and confidence. Years of having problems with teeth loss also led me to know an interesting but scary medical implication that teeth loss could bring to a person. Many celebrate the stretching of life expectancy, from 45 to 75years of age. Though aging is something that should be experienced gracefully, it also means the little by little deterioration of the body – the “continuous loss of functional capabilities”. According to a research done by Mayo Clinic, people who have missing teeth are likely to die 10 years earlier than their peers who still have all their teeth.” If you do not mind having no teeth or some teeth because of aesthetics of emotional stability, this medical effect should make you think otherwise.

If you happen to be in a situation where you saw somebody's dentures fly when he or she laughed, or know somebody who get disappointed because the host only served difficult to chew foods in a party, well, try to imagine me to be that person. At times, I was usually able to make excuses for any embarrassing situations I got myself into. However, there were just times that all I could do was cover my face because of humiliation. I also lost my appetite because of the thick layer of nasty tasting denture adhesive. Also, I had to constantly deal with sores in my gums because of my dentures' rubbing. Not only those, my face sagged and I looked way, way older than my age. I was living a life I did not imagine possible. But, thanks to my Houston Dental Implants, I am on my way of getting my life back on track.

About The Author:
Dr. Thomas N. Heap is a graduate of the dental school at UTHSC here in Houston. He has over 30 years of experience serving the community as a general practitioner with an emphasis on Cosmetic and Implant Dentristry. Dr. Heap provides solutions for the smallest of needs up to and including the most complex smile rejuvinations.
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