Thursday, 16 April 2009

How to Choose Your Dentist

How do you choose your dentist. A good dentist can make your dental visit a pleasant,painfree experience. An incompetent one can cause a lifetime of regret.

Ask for recommendations from friends relatives and colleagues. Look up the yellow pages. Alternatively you can call up the local dental society. These days the internet can find you anything.

Before you choose your dentist go for a" getting acquainted" visit. Is the general appearance of the clinic neat and tidy? Is the dental clinic location and consultation hours convenient for you? What about emergency after office care? Is the staff friendly and caring?

Enquire about the dentist"s qualification work experience and competence. Some dentists are not qualified to do certain procedures. Does he have a referral system in place for such procedures. Does he keep himself updated professionally? You need to be tactful in asking for such information.

Is his overall conduct professional? Are you assured of privacy and confidentiality? Does he take time to properly understand and record be using your problem?

When the treatment plan is framed ask for clarifications. Does he provide alternative options or push for the expensive option? Ideally he should prioritise the treatment as absolutely necessary and less urgent.

Is he clear about fees? Do not choose a dentist just because he is cheap. A cheaper dentist need not necessarily mean a better dentist. He may be cutting corners elsewhere. For example he may be loading more patients than he can handle or may be using inferior materials . Be clear what the payment schedule will be like. Clarify your doubts to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

Ultimately when you choose your dentist you go by your gut feel. Does he make you feel comfortable. Is he worthy of your trust? If not keep looking.

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