Friday, 10 April 2009

Get Rid of Bad Breath and the Embarrassment That Goes With It!

Get rid of bad breath! Bad breath is also known as halitosis which can occur to anyone. It is an unpleasant odor caused by a bacterium which no one in their wildest dreams would want to have. Even if you are maintaining your oral health properly, you may be still prone to have bad breath. Halitosis can occur frequently or occasionally depending on the reasons that could trigger it. There are a lot of bacteria that are present in the mouth especially residing at the back. This is one chief reason for bad breath. Low or really bad maintenance of oral hygiene is yet another reason to cause bad breath. The mouth is a place full of moisture and warmth which makes it an ideal place for bacteria to grow.

The following are a just some reasons that may cause bad breath:

· Smoking a cigarette or consuming tobacco is also able to root bad breath as they are capable of staining the teeth, eliminating your potential to taste foods, and worsening the tissues of the gum.
· Gum Infections.
· Infections caused in the respiratory organs - throat, lungs, sinuses.
· Foods like onions, garlic, and smoking cigarette, chewing tobacco and consuming a lot of coffee.
· Having a dry mouth due to lack of saliva. This can happen because of medications.
· General ailments - Diabetes, liver ailments, kidney infections, lung disorders, sinus infections, reflux illnesses and many more.

As soon as you come to know that you have a bad breath, your first move should be to consult a dentist who would guide you further to eradicate this problem, knowing your personal history and symptoms. Sometimes, even the type of bad breath your mouth exerts could let you know the source of it. Just in case your breath smells fruity, it is a sign of unrestrained diabetes. On the other hand if you are willing to take care of your bad breath at home, you can try consuming more fibrous foods like potatoes and apples to eliminate this. Get rid of high protein foods and dairy products.

These products trigger the bacteria to cause bad breath. You can also make use of sugar-free gums to ward off bad breath caused by external foods on a temporary basis. Often, this condition is also caused by poor digestion of foods in the stomach. If the food does not get properly digested, toxins are created in the stomach, intestines, mouth and lungs. These are also some major reasons to cause halitosis. You need to make sure that your bowels are cleaned frequently to avoid bad breath which could turn severe if not taken care of at early stages.

The above are a few treatments for bad breath. However, if you wish to eradicate this problem completely, you must strictly stick to a proper maintenance of oral health. If you keep brushing your teeth properly, at least twice a day, this will help in curing this problem.

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