Monday, 7 February 2011

Home Teeth Whitening - Whiter And Brighter Smiles At Home

Home teeth whitening systems and techniques are constantly in use by a variety of consumers all over the world today. There have been so many advances in teeth whitening procedures and methods that many systems are developed for the user to be able to use the system at home, with little effort. The best part is that most home teeth whitening systems are among the least expensive options for those who want to bleach to obtain a brighter, whiter smile.

Being able to bleach your teeth at home will require some deciding on your part. Start thinking about which method you want to use. For example, if you already have sensitive teeth, you should think about a non-evasive, simple at-home treatment instead of a dental grade treatment because the more you bleach will mean more sensitivity you'll have to experience. Most treatments will involve minor sensitivity to hot and cold foods and/or drinks but that is to be expected.

The most expensive home treatment will come from a dentist's office but it comes in a kit for take-home use. These kits will involve a minimum of two dental appointments: one for an exam and fitting you with custom bleaching trays and another appointment to pick up the kit and learn how to use it properly. Be sure to pay attention to the technician or dentist providing you with instructions because it is dental grade whitener, which can cause over-bleaching and complete loss of enamel if used improperly.

Most people decide on the over the counter whitening treatments like brush-on, whitening strips and store-bought bleaching gel kits that come with universally fitting trays. There are also kits that come with trays that can be somewhat molded to custom fit the wearer by putting the special trays into hot water, as directed, and then placing them correctly onto the teeth for a "molding" effect. Either way, any treatment involving bleaching trays is usually avoided because of its inconvenience.

Most people choose the strips that whiten and dissolve or can be thrown away. They aren't the cheapest out of all the treatments but they are more than affordable for almost any pay grade. Basically, over the counter methods offer the ability to whiten your teeth over time and the most common home teeth whitening system chosen are the strips but it is up to the user in the end.

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