Monday, 21 February 2011

Dental Assistant Schooling and Training: What Types of Dental Assistant Courses Are Available?

The career field of a dental assistant has grown exponentially in recent years and any time that this happens you will see the formation of associations on a regional or national level to help with training the professionals. This is no different within this profession and one of the biggest, if not the biggest, organization that exists in this field is the Dental Assisting National Board. The DANB created several courses that may be of interest to you when you are becoming a dental assistant. Here are a few of the courses that you may be required to take.

  1. Radiation Health and Safety Review: Covering both conventional and digital radiography, this will give a dental assistant the opportunity to learn about the basics involved in radiography. This will help you to prepare for an exam that will test your knowledge of the subject, so it is important that you follow along. You could be instrumental in the office that you are eventually hired in when you gain this type of experience and education.
  2. Conventional Dental Radiography Review: In becoming a dental office assistant that is necessary and instrumental in the success of your employer's office you will have to become very seasoned in your craft. Learning things like conventional dental radiography will make you very attractive and important to potential employers. These courses are as much about your learning as they are making you more marketable to potential employers.
  3. Accounts Receivable: This will be an invaluable course to take if you are going to be working in an office that requires you to be in charge of some or all financial recordkeeping. Understand that this course could apply to many different jobs or people, but will again give you a leg up on the other potential employees entering the job force. What the course will do is give you a good understanding of the financial aspects of a dental office.

These courses are given a good amount of legitimacy because they come from the Dental Board directly, meaning they are backed by a large group of dental assistants. There is the natural tendency to question anyone in a position of authority at first, but this organization is legitimate and needs to be respected. The Dental Assisting National Board has been around since 1948, so it is not a fly-by-night group that is looking to cash in on the convenience of the internet. This is a legitimate opportunity that you should not pass up unless you can't make the commitment.

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