Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Types of Teeth Straightening Solutions to Suit You and Your Budget

Many people are often confused on the best type of teeth straightening for them. Some people are bothered about having a visible brace whereas others are worried about the cost and pain of the treatment as well as time.

Many people are afraid of any teeth straightening solutions from the way it is going to look. Nobody wants to have braces that really still out like when you were younger. For people like this, there are many options available.

The first is a invisalign- a plastic retainer. These appear to be invisible and are very hard to notice. Plus there is attaching to teeth as they can be removed when eating, etc. All the orthodontist needs are impressions of your mouth. You get new retainers every few months that move your teeth gradually.

The second option is a brace that fits to the back of your teeth. These are lingual and are hidden completely by your teeth. You will be able to feel them and they be uncomfortable to start with, but they cannot be seen at all.

If you are not so fussed about the visibility of braces, then self-litigating braces might be best for you. These don't have the elastics that attach to the braces. The wires slide to tighten, and are more comfortable and look a more discreet.

For a compromise there are white wires and invisible clear brackets that are hardly visible on the teeth. Many celebrities have used these so they are highly chosen.

There are many teeth straightening solutions available, ask your local orthodontist for the best options for you.

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Written by Neil Smith.

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