Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Demand for laser bleaching for teeth is growing.

Over last ten years the demand for dentists for teeth whitening has reached sky. In this modern society people have made it a status symbol to have white and dazzling teeth. Tooth discoloration is common. Therefore a common solution is laser bleaching. Laser teeth lightening program or laser bleach bleaches the teeth and restores its original coloration is a powerful method. Mostly people in media industry like anchors, actors and various artists are bothered about their white smiles and they resort to this costly technique as they get fast and best results, which is what they want.

There are plenty of options to restore teeth coloration and one of the best methods is laser bleaching. It is above all and a recent technique. The procedure is completed in one sitting lasting about an hour. A trouble-free and an easy way to whiten your teeth is laser bleach process. Simple steps are involved in this procedure. To avoid obstruction in the whitening procedure the dentist first cleans the teeth to remove germs and plaque. This treatment involves laser and a whitening gel. The lips and gums are detached and then the gel is applied on the teeth. Then a laser light is used to energize the crystals to absorb the light and go in the enamel of the teeth in order to lighten it. The teeth are six to ten times lighter than before after the laser bleaching. In a person with severe discoloration, the light is passed for a longer time or may be a second sitting is also required if the desired results are not achieved. This varies from person to person and a dentist is the best person to advice on it. After all the laser bleach process is expensive.

A rubber dam is placed during the laser bleaching process so as to guard the teeth. Then a whitening gel is applied all over the teeth. Now a laser beam is passed over the gel to energize the gel and make it penetrate the enamel of the teeth and start the lightening function. Many years of research has resulted in the production of this special kind of laser bleach or the gel. The gel has ph-balanced hydrogen peroxide in it. The light which penetrates through the gel removes the stains and discoloration giving whiter and brighter teeth. A cheaper version of this laser bleaching technique has also been developed to be used at home. But this needs to be regularly applied for three nights.

Many people choose the home based option as it is easy while this laser whitening service by a dentist is costly. The charges depend on the dentist and the clinic location. If the market is explored and various dentist clinics are contacted; the best price can be availed of. To sustain the effects of this costly treatment, people are advised by the dentist to limit their intake of food and beverages that stain teeth. Tobacco has to be avoided. It is a fact that sometimes people feel cold or hot sensation on their teeth but this passes of in few days.

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