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Some popular teeth whitening products

Teeth are one of the most important parts of our body. The health of our teeth is important for proper chewing of the food, and look of our teeth is essential to make us look attractive. Our smile loses the charm if our teeth are stained and dirty. To restore the whiteness of our teeth we go for teeth whitening. Our teeth lose its shinning brightness over a period of time as layers of stains accumulate over them. They make our teeth look yellowish and dull. The answer to this problem is to go for teeth whitening products.

There are a number of teeth whitening products and procedures available to now that can restore the whiteness of our teeth. The may be available in the pharmacy or they can be professionally done in a dental clinic. It is believed that dentists can do a better job as far as teeth whitening procedures are concerned. But teeth whitening can be done successfully at home too. Teeth whitening products generally use a bleaching agent to remove the stains. Different products cater to different needs and the extent to which our teeth needs whitening.

Some of the common products are

1) Teeth whitening toothpaste: These are special toothpaste with mild abrasive quality. If used regularly they can lighten our teeth to a great extent. But they cannot present bright whiteness as they do not contain hydrogen peroxide.

2) Strips: This teeth whitening product if used over a period of time produces visible result. Mild bleaching agents are present in these strips. They are easy to use. They need to be applied on teeth and should be left for 20 to 30 minutes. After a few applications they will whiten teeth by two to three shades.

3) Gel bleaching: This is one of the most popular teeth whitening product available in the market. One can undertake this procedure at home as quite a few teeth whitening gels are easily available. You can buy the whole kit. It has a mouth tray where you put the gel. This tray is then to be placed over the teeth. The gel contains active agents, which penetrate the outer enamel, and works on the stains accumulated in the inner layer. The trays can either be purchased from the shop along with the teeth whitening kit or they can be custom made specially to fit your denture.

4) Laser bleaching: This is a technical teeth whitening product which needs dentist's supervision. It requires a high-powered laser source which only a dentist's clinic will posses. This procedure is long lasting and most effective. The dentist puts protective material over the gum and lips. When the teeth are fully exposed, layer of thick teeth whitening gel is applied over them. The laser light is pointed toward the gelled area. The heat from the laser activates the gel. It then works its way to the inner layer of the teeth to accomplish the whitening process. Though a little expensive, laser bleaching is quite popular for its obvious advantages.

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Before opting for any of these teeth whitening products you must take a specialist's advice. There are plenty of websites providing teeth whitening information, which you may find to be useful.
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