Saturday, 20 December 2008

Tips For Finding An Affordable Dental Benefit Insurance Provider

If you are in need of an affordable dental benefit insurance provider, then you may be barking up the wrong tree. The facts are in on dental insurance and the results are not pretty. Understandably, dental insurance does not cover pre-existing dental conditions. This means that if you NEED to see a dentist right away because you are in pain, then you're out of luck. If things were that way then no one would pay regular premiums, they'd just wait until there was a problem and go to the dentist then.

Major insurance companies like Aetna, Blue Cross, Met Life, Cigna, Delta Dental, ect. can't make any money that way. Wouldn't it be convenient if we could just buy homeowner's insurance AFTER our home burned down? Well, why would you expect a dental insurance company to provide you with care AFTER you've already got cavities or need dentures?

This is just one drawback with dental insurance. Besides having to pay the premiums, you must also pay an annual deductible before your insurance will take effect. Yes, there are several seemingly affordable dental benefit insurance providers advertising online, but if they're not providing any coverage, they can afford to give the policy away!

Read the policy thoroughly, especially in the fine print where it lists the "exclusions". These are the things that the dental insurance does not cover. After you've recovered from the shock and disappointment, I recommend that you go buy a dental discount plan. This is the best way to provide dental care for your family right now.

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