Friday, 12 December 2008

8 Secrets To Paying Less For Dental Care

Referrals – Ask if your dentist gives a discount for referrals. If you send in your friends and neighbors, will the office give you a break on your bill?

Installments – Ask your dentist if s/he would be willing to allow you to pay for treatments in installments or maybe multiple procedures can be performed in stages over a period of weeks or months. This option does not save actual money; however, it will enable you to pay on a schedule that is easier on your budget.

Second Opinions - Seek second opinions on expensive work. Certain dental problems have various, appropriate treatments available. For instance, missing teeth can be replaced by implants, by a bridge or by a partial denture. All of these are acceptable treatments, but the costs can vary widely. Talking with another professional will help ensure that you have been given all the treatment options for your situation.

Petition – If you are lucky enough to have dental insurance and the treatment or procedure your dentist proposes is denied or simply not covered by your dental plan, you have the option to petition the insurance provider. You or preferably your dentist may need to write a letter and send a more detailed explanation regarding the need for these services.

Cash is King - Ask if your dentist gives a discount for cash. Bill collecting is a frustrating and time consuming endeavor for a dentist’s office. Often, dentists will gladly give clients a discount for cash in exchange for a bill paid-in-full. This method could save you up to 10% at some offices.

Discounts & Packages – Some dentists offer unadvertised discounts, i.e., a discount to seniors. In addition, you might be able to save money on a package of services the dentist has bundled together. For example, my dentist offered me a free teeth whitening kit with a cleaning and complete set of x-rays.

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention - A good daily oral hygiene regime is the best savings tip of all. Consistent brushing, flossing & professional cleanings are the easiest way to reduce the cost of future dental visits.

AmeriPlan® USA Dental Plan – Seventy percent of Americans do not have Dental Insurance. If you fall into this category, you can save up to 80% on dental care by becoming a member of AmeriPlan® USA. AmeriPlan® is the nation's premier provider of supplemental health benefits with more than 100,000 healthcare professionals nationwide.

AmeriPlan Health® has several major advantages over traditional dental insurance. Here are a few:

• No annual maximum dollar amount
• No limit on visits or services
• No deductible
• No waiting period for any services
• All current and/or ongoing dental problems are accepted (except orthodontic treatments already in progress)

But AmeriPlan® is more than Dental benefits. Included, at no additional cost, is a Prescription drug plan, Vision care benefits and Chiropractic care benefits. Even with these four combined benefits, AmeriPlan® is still more affordable than traditional insurance – only $11.95 a month for an individual and $19.95 a month for an entire household.

Let’s face it, sooner or later you or someone in your family will have to visit the dentist. The question is not will you pay for the services but rather which price will you be paying? Full Retail Price or the AmeriPlan® discounted price?

Find out more about how you can save by visiting Use the form on the left-hand side of the website to locate a provider in your area. Once you find a provider, click on “fee schedule” to see EXACTLY how much you will pay for the services you need. There are no surprises with AmeriPlan®

AmeriPlan® benefits ARE NOT INSURANCE. AmeriPlan Health® benefit programs are not insurance, nor are they an alternative to or substitution for insurance coverage. You must use an AmeriPlan® provider and pay the discounted fee at the time of service. Visit for more information.

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