Friday, 29 August 2008

Dental Plans versus Dental Insurance

With the cost of medical insurance on the increase dental insurance is at the top of the casualty list when it comes to employee benefits.

Historically many employees didn’t have to worry about dental insurance with employers being able to offer full dental insurance cover along side other popular employee benefits. However with health insurance continually on the increase dental insurance is generally one of the first benefits to bite the dust.

Luckily low cost dental discount plans are now widely available and are proving to be a completely affordable alternative to dental insurance.

Unlike dental insurance, dental plans provide plan holders with low cost dental care for all dental work, including cosmetic procedures although, for non routine care, the level of discount will generally be reduced.

There are now many plans available and, as with dental insurance, the benefits will vary according to the price you are willing to pay. is becoming a popular choice of dental plan provider and offers consumers a choice between 30 different national and regional plans with up to 60% discount on routine dental care.

Dental plans are not a dental insurance but rather a service by which, for a fixed monthly fee, members will receive deep discounts for all dental care from routine dental work to more complex dental procedures.

The benefits of dental plans over dental insurance are that:

• There are no deductibles, you receive a discount on all work received.

• The monthly premiums for dental plans tend to be significantly less than dental insurance premiums.

• If you move house you will generally be able to just switch to another participating dentist.

• Unlike dental insurance, there doesn’t tend to be any limit to the amount you can use your dental plan in any given period of time. You will continue to receive a discount no matter how many dental visits you make.

• You can make use of a dental care plan as soon as you receive your card. Dental plans are not dental insurance and there is no waiting period.

• With dental plans there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

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