Sunday, 29 May 2011

Smile Without Fear Of Embarrassment When You Have Mini Dental Implants

A Mini Dental Implants is smaller than older implants which is why they are called "Mini", and are 2mm across while traditional implants were 5mm or even bigger. They are a one-piece, ball-headed titanium device that is inserted into the jaw bone and does not requirement to cut open the flesh and were designed as a way of locating dentures.

A clever feature using a rubber o-ring on the round head of the fixing enables the implant to grip the denture safely without the embarrassment of it dropping out or being stuck when eating some foods. And because it is a rubber connector it is quite easy to apply just a small amount of pressure to change the dentures.

Four MDIs are inserted in the mouth, one in each corner so that the denture can be attached onto the mountings.

Replacing a single tooth

Because of the simple and effectiveness of min implant technology they are now also employed for replacing a single tooth. This has traditionally been impossible because of the force applied to the single point of connection plus other style of implants were simply too big to b put in a single tooth.

More rapid surgery

The MDI dental process is a single-step rather than the former two-stage method. A tiny hole is made in the bone and the implant screwed into that hole. Then, checking the alignment, the denture is attached onto the rubber-head of the dental implant.

This treatment is typically only about two hours which leads to another phrase - "same day implant."

Less painful dental treatment

Differing from traditional implants where the gum was cut, as the MDI is smaller it means that only a small hole in the bone is sufficient to hold the implant. As a result this is a low invasive surgical process being a much easier surgical routine and much more bearable.

Much cheaper dental treatment

MDI enables denture treatment at 50% lower price than previous method. As the MDI has become more widespread the cost has been reduced because of the nature of the economics. However possibly the major effect on the cost of dental implants is the speed of the surgery. As there is just a one-time 2-hour visit the denture are fixed. In contrast to at least two extended visits to the dental surgery under the former technology implant it is easy to understand the huge impact on the charges of dental implants.

Top manufacturers of MDIs

There are several manufacturers of mini dental implants. 3M IMTEC and ESPE brands are some of the most widely used MDIs. As 3M is heavily involved in the dental products industry and their history of innovation it is not surprising that 3M are a major supplier of mini dental implants.

Confidence at last

The tight fitting and secure locating of the implant in the jaw means that your dentures are not going to move or fall out as with older styles of false teeth. So now you can relax and smile... just like you used to by having mini dental implants.
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