Monday, 27 July 2009

Does Laser Tooth Whitening Treatment Work?

People love to see a beautiful smile on someone else or even themselves. Often times, however, those smiles are not so beautiful because of staining on the tooth. Most people would love to have a pearly white smile all the time, but it requires perfect care of the teeth for a lifetime, or it requires avoiding any foods or beverages that might contribute to those stains. There are some options for people that want whiter teeth. Many companies now make at home whitening kits that work by using hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth. Another option that is becoming more popular is a laser tooth whitening treatment. These treatments work with some of the same whitening ingredients as the at home versions, but they work much faster.

With the typical at home kit, people have to put the peroxide solution in a tray or on a strip and leave that on their teeth for anywhere from a few hours to overnight. This is done for a period of a few weeks and the teeth are left a few shades lighter than what they started out at. The laser tooth whitening treatment also uses peroxide on the teeth, but a laser light is then focused on the teeth. The light reacts with the peroxide to have an immediate effect on the teeth. People can leave their laser treatments with their teeth already four or five shades lighter than when they walked in the door.

The speed with which the laser tooth whitening treatment works is why many people are finding it much more effective than the at home kits. We live in a world of immediacy. Most people have gotten used to getting things very quickly, and the same holds true for this type of treatment. People don't wan to wait two weeks for their teeth to whiten, they want to see results right away. Another advantage of this type of treatment is that the laser works with the peroxide to remove stains more effectively than the at home kits do.

So where can you get these treatments? Many dental offices are now offering laser tooth whitening to their patients. While many insurance providers will not cover this type of procedure, it is becoming more affordable with the rise in popularity. There are also some at home versions that include a small laser light and the peroxide solution. This can be an option for people that want to do multiple treatments.

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