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Dental Insurance - How Dental Insurance Can Be A Value Added Benefit For Employees

Dental insurance is a benefit that costs very little to provide to the employee. The employer needs to pay very small amount as premium and in return the employees will enjoy good dental health which translates to fewer off days due to dental problems.

Most dental insurance/dental plans provide for preventive dental care so employees can have regular check-ups and go for routine visits to the dentists which will help detect dental problems early. Dental problems can be detected early and preventive treatment is both cheaper and effective.

Also, having dental insurance gives employees a sense of security when it comes to dental illness. A family with even two kids can cost a lot of money in dentists visits, routine cleanings and check-up. Even simple dental problems like cavities can cost money that can be a major drain on most families. So a employer provided insurance can mean a lot to them.

As I said earlier a little benefit like dental insurance can go a long way in earning employee satisfaction and loyalty. These small things add up and make big difference to employee morale. Don't you want this for your company too?

Your company can avail Group dental insurance and get much discounted rates in premiums - an advantage of group power. If your employer does not provide dental insurance you can tell them about this and convince them to get you this valuable benefit at little extra cost to the company.

Your employer can choose any of the following options in order to provide you with dental cover. This may be full dental insurance - covering all dental problems. Dental Reimbursement plans - employee get the dental treatment and submits the dental bills, company reimburses the employee for the expenses incurred. Usually there is an upper limit to this. Group dental insurance - employees get discounts on premiums, usually the company also pays part of the amount or group dental plans - which are discount dental plans that allow dental treatment at pre-determined discounted rates if you avail treatment with dentists contracted under the plan.

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